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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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Q1. How do I redeem the Shopprly coupon codes?

You can redeem the Shopprly coupon code during the checkout process in order to receive discount in our already low price item!

Q2. Can I use more than one Shopprly coupon codes in the same transaction?

Sorry, only one Shopprly coupon code can be used for each transaction (checkout). However some of the Shopprly coupon codes can be used unlimited times in a certain period so that you can enjoy a big discount for every transaction you have with us in a certain period..

Q3. Shopprly is committed to your privacy.

Shopprly is committed to your privacy. You may be concerned about the way in which we use your personal information. We have implemented this Privacy Policy to inform our customers how we use that information. Your personal information is treated with the highest importance and sensitive personal and payment information such as your own email password and credit card details are never stored anywhere on the Internet with our website. All information sent is instantly sent and then encrypted using the latest SSL technology and then sent directly to our processing system.

Q4. Where can I obtain the Shopprly coupon codes?

We publicise the Shopprly coupon codes in 2 ways: 1.) Membership: We occasionally offer Shopprly coupon codes for promotions to chosen segments of our membership database. 2.) Public: We will distribute the Shopprly coupon codes in our newsletters or in our advertisements in other media. To make sure you don't miss out on any of these amazing opportunities, make sure you have subscribed to our newsletters.

Q5. What is a Shopprly coupon code?

We run promotions or special discounts from time to time that allow for customers to use Shopprly coupon codes to receive discounts on our already low price items. These are usually:
1.) a certain dollar value
2.) a percentage off the order total excluding the delivery and handling fee
3.) a percentage off the delivery and handling fee

Q6. What are ShopprlyPoints?

As a customer in, every dollar you spend will earn you 1 ShopprlyPoint excluding shipping costs( Spend USD $1 = Earn 1 ShopprlyPoint ). ShopprlyPoints are bonus points that give you even more savings on items! At checkout, simply redeem the points you have earned for further discounts. Earn enough points and get items for FREE!

Currently 1,000 ShopprlyPoints is equal to USD $10.
e.g. (Your ShopprlyPoints) X 0.010 = USD$ Value

Q7. How do I earn ShopprlyPoints?

ShopprlyPoints will be credited to your account automatically for every successful transaction (ordered and paid).

Q8. How do I redeem ShopprlyPoints?

You can use ShopprlyPoints to purchase anything you want in our store. Simply redeem the ShopprlyPoints during the checkout process to get a further discount or earn more ShopprlyPoints and you can have the chance to purchase an item by paying only a $2 minimum fee!

Q9. Do ShopprlyPoints expire?

ShopprlyPoints expire in 24 months if unused.

Q10. What is the value of 1,000 ShopprlyPoints?

Currently 1,000 ShopprlyPoints is equal to USD $10.
e.g. (Your ShopprlyPoints) X 0.010 = USD$ Value

Q11. Is there a limit to how many Shopprlypoints I can earn?

No, every member can earn Shopprlypoints without any limit!

Q12. Can I transfer my ShopprlyPoints to another person?

Sorry, the points are non-transferable.

Q13. Will I earn ShopprlyPoints for delivery and handling fee?

Sorry, the delivery and handling fee is excluded when calculating the amount of points earned.

Q14. What happens to my ShopprlyPoints if I have the item refunded?

If an item is refunded, the ShopprlyPoints you have earned by purchasing this product will be deducted from your account.
If an item is purchased using ShopprlyPoints in conjunction with any other kind of payment, we will refund the money and ShopprlyPoints you have used.
An item is $13 + $3(Delivery and Handling Fee) = Total Amount of $16.
You have used 1000 ShopprlyPoints (Value = $10) to get $10 discount so total amount now is $6. Then you paid $6 to purchase this item.
You have earned 3 ShopprlyPoints. (As Delivery and Handling Fee is excluded when calculating the amount of points earned)
To refund this item, you will have 3 ShopprlyPoints deducted from your account, but will have $6 refunded plus 1000 CrazyPoints back to you.
For other question(s), please email our customer service team. We will be happy to assist you.